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Woodcock Hollow Farm is a 73 acre commercial sheep operation located in beautiful Huntingdon County, Central Pennsylvania near Lake Raystown.  The farm was established in 2002.  The flock of sheep consists of Katahdin, Dorper, Hampshire and Texel Sheep.  In addition to the sheep flock of 70 ewes, there are Nigerian Dwarf Goats and a few horses.  The farm uses rotational grazing for the sheep flock between 15 different paddocks.  To move and work the sheep, Border Collies are used.  Come and see the border collies do their job and see how a sheep operation works!!



Sheep Dog Herding Demonstrations

Here on our 73 Acre farm, we rely on our border collie team to get the job done!  Come see Taff, Cash, Newt and Flynn train and help to work the 150 head of sheep in the day to day chores that need to be done on a working sheep farm.  


Newborn Lamb Experience  

During the Months of January, February, and March  we are very busy here on the farm.  This is when the newborn lambs will be arriving and there is a lot to do to make sure they are healthy.  Sometimes there are even bottle lambs that need fed.  The breeds of sheep that are here on the farm can have up to four lambs at a time.   


Farm Tours

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